Volume 4 Issue 158 – Dungeon Mastering 101

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice – 10:22.339
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Table Manners – Prepping for Game Night – 19:43.344
The DM’s Craft – www.youtube.com/user/theDMsCraft

DM Rules – Rules.. Rules.. RAW vs House Rules – 44:53.219

Master of the Game by Gary Gygax – www.amazon.com/Master-Game-Gary-Gygax/dp/039951533X

Creature Feature Theater – Running and Adjusting Monsters – 1:03:30.963

Treasure Chest – Planning Treasure – 1:13:14.227

Outro – 1:29:10.447

3 comments on “Volume 4 Issue 158 – Dungeon Mastering 101”

  1. Alain

    I’ve had a DM that used his TV projector but used a suspended mirror at 45 degrees to project on a white plastic game table. When he watches tv he just pulls the mirror up against the celling.

    Myself I use a 42 inch lcd tv that I inserted flat into my gaming table. We just put the minis right on the tv with it showing the map. I made a big hole in the table to insert the tv.

  2. Alain

    I use Gimp in which I cut out each room and paste them on different layers. When they have of sight to a room or coridoor I simply make the layer visible. Gimp is a free photoshop type software.

  3. loyd

    Just finished listening to the latest installment of this great podcast and it started me questioning certain aspects of DM’ing. You guys give some useful ideas and creative solutions to problems for old and new DM’s, but here’s a thought(please bear with me). As a general rule, I try to learn my groups playing style and habits so I can determine the 5 W’s when designing or reviewing an adventure before the game session. Over time you can usually tell when the players in your group is about to do something either really dumb or really clever. Get the feel of the players. Understandable if you have new players and they are either there because they are curious about the game or someone invited(or threaten)them to play. But really,I think before someone goes and buys the books, sets up a time, place, people, food and drink…etc. One should ask, do I really want the responsability of the DM? Is the amount of time and effort I put into an adventure worth it if my players decide to do something I’m not prepaired for? What’s worst, having a new DM who is trying to do their best in giving their players a solid adventure but is slow. Or a veteran DM who knows everything about the game but loves the TPK theory? So, whether you find yourself behind the screen DM’ing or rolling up another character (because this is AD&D!) enjoy the game and have fun. Oh and give 5 stars on ITUNES to this podcast, they deserve it. Just a thought. Please forgive the ramblings on. Thanks again for the time.

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