Volume 6 Issue 192 – Fiend Folio

RFI is back and delving into a little publication put out by TSR UK, called the Fiend Folio. We discuss the history and internal politics of the book, as well as a scathing review of it from Dragon Magazine. And we also talk about all the wonderful and wacky monsters in the book and why it deserves a place on your bookshelf, in this weeks Roll For Initiative.

Chrispy’s Show Notes

1 comment on “Volume 6 Issue 192 – Fiend Folio”

  1. Jeffrey Cote-Troupe

    Hi. I just finished the review in Dragon Magazine. ZOUNDS!!
    All of your opinions notwithstanding, I just had to give that article a decent look. And I have to say I’m surprised at the degree of negative critique Mr. Greenwood leveled at the Fiend Folio. Granted, that was issue #55 – 36 years ago = and perhaps his thoughts on the book have mellowed a bit.
    In any case, it seemed to be an unnecessarily harsh review, particularly in light of the abundance of brain-fodder ripe for any sort of modification a DM might find necessary, even outside the scope of monster descriptions some readers might find too limiting. The opinions seemed closer to approximating the sort of closed-minded and stalwart rejection of imagination reflected in some modern players.
    : mic drop :
    Oh, wait …
    : mic picked up again :
    I liked the show. A lot. As always.

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