Volume 7 Issue 198 – Metagaming again!

This week RFI is back and cover the scourge of DM’s everywhere, Metagaming. We go over the types of metagaming, how to handle it as a DM and how to avoid it as a players. In the the treasure chest, we find a miniature horseless cart that is the fantasy version of Uber. And this week’s creature in the Creature Feature, is a metagamers nightmare with it’s D100 random effects table.

Treasure Chest –
The Magic Cart
Value: 1000 GP
XP: 500xp
Description: This item appears to be a small miniature cart, it can fit in the palm of a normal human. To use this item, the owner must place it on the ground, tap it once, and then proclaim a direction or destination of travel *known to the owner. Once that is complete the cart will grow in size to a cart that will hold 4 average sized humans and move forward at a normal 1 horse pace, once the driver or owner instructs it to move. The cart can be control by the owner/driver by mimicking that he is holding the tether ropes, directing the cart to go as he pleases. Should the riders in the cart have a long journey, the cart will progress forward as the riders sleep.
*Known to the rider meaning, Town of.. Or location, not take me to the lost city of Zandew

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  1. Dr. Mike

    Glad to see you guys are back at it again with a vengeance! Thanks much for all your work.

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