Volume 7 Issue 199 – Curses, Sixguns and Sorcery

This week join RFI as they delve into the world of of sixguns and sorcery, as the cover blending Boot Hill into your AD&D campaign. In DM Rules, Chrispy covers using curses in your campaign and we round things out with the Witch NPC Class in the Creature Feature in this weeks issue of Roll for Initiative.

Curses! – Dragon Magazine 77 page 18
Beware of Quirks and Curses: Magic Items Aren’t Always Nice – Dragon Magazine 34 pg 30
The Witch – Dragon Magazine – Issue 114 pg 8

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2 comments on “Volume 7 Issue 199 – Curses, Sixguns and Sorcery”

  1. Mike

    Where did you find the really nasty curses; the ones that blot out the sun or turn the river to blood? I don’t remember you saying in the pod cast, and they are not in those dragons.

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