Volume 1 Issue 7 – Encumbrance

6 comments on “Volume 1 Issue 7 – Encumbrance”

  1. Ben

    I can’t find this on itunes nor can I find a direct download on the website. Is this episode still available.

  2. Peter

    Regarding issue 6. Divine intervention is on page 9 or the Legends and Lore and I remember using it when I played 1st ed.

  3. Peter

    I’ve always used encumbrance. My players often had to hide treasure and go back and get it later. About the sacks full of gold,,,the game master may have to describe the scene again after the battle (unless the characters are distracted). I usually attached my rope to my backpack rather than putting it inside.:)

  4. Céline .S. Sauvé

    Is there a reason only episodes 6-9 are missing from the iTunes feed? Anyway they could be relinked there?

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