Volume 1 Issue 54 – Monks

Roll For Initiative is reunited, with the return of DM Jayson, bringing you your weekly dose of old school gaming. The various flavors of Monks are discussed in Table Manners. We talk about Morale checks in Game Mechanics. Algoids join us in Creature Feature Theater and we stumble across a Bag of Beams in The Dragon’s Hoards in this weeks issue of Roll For Initiative.

Intro – 0:00.000
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Table Manners – Monks 15:11.352
Player’s Handbook pg 30
Dragon Magazine Issue 53 pg 6
Oriental Adventures pg 17
Game Mechanics – Morale 31:57.193
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 67

Creature Feature Theater – Algoid 43:03.393
Fiend Folio pg 11

The Dragon’s Hoard – Bag of Beans – 50:34.000
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 137
The Ultimate Bag of Beans – brightwater.weebly.com/dampd-ultimate-bag-of-beans.html

10ft Poll / Outro – 56:31.802
Games Rule – gamers-rule.com/default.aspx

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