Volume 2 Issue 75 – Going Solo

Intro – 0:00.000
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The Legend of Fin Fang Foom www.epicwords.com/fin

Sage Advice – 16:28.688

Town Generator www.rdinn.com/town_generator.php

Town Generator mentioned in Issue 38 www.mathemagician.net/town.html

Table Manners – Mv1 Midnight On Dagger Alley 25:53.780
The Lone Wolf Series of Books free for download – www.projectaon.org/en/Main/Home
Game Mechanics – DM’ing a Solo or DM and 1 player group 44:55.000

The Dragon’s Hoard – Bell of Warning 1:00:02.297
Oriental Adventures pg 134

Creature Feature Theater -Oni 1:08:56.079
Oriental Advenures pg 126

Outro – 1:16:42.626

2 comments on “Volume 2 Issue 75 – Going Solo”

  1. DM Slappy

    I have to agree that when playing with just a DM and a player the Fate Point system works great I will usually assign the character 2 faint points per level and/or gibe bonus single points for special rewards for completing adventures and such.

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