Volume 4 Issue 160 – L2 Assassin’s Knot

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Table Manners – L2 Assasin’s Knot 7:40.612

3 comments on “Volume 4 Issue 160 – L2 Assassin’s Knot”

  1. James M. Spahn

    This is an absolutely great episode. The best adventure review I’ve seen so far. I didn’t know anything about L2 other than the title until this review and really showed me how Assassin’s Knot takes steps beyond the traditional dungeon crawl in the hay day of “Storm the Dungeon, Kill the Monster, Take the Treasure” gaming. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  2. Anthony N. Emmel

    Regarding Krak’s sword–

    DMG, p. 167: “Note: Any character whose alignment does not correspond to that of the sword, except as noted by the asterisk above, will sustain hit points of damage equal to the number of ego points (see hereafter) of the sword each and every time the character touches any portion of the sword unless the sword is in the grasp or possession of a character whose alignment is compatible with the weapon.”

    The mentioned asterisk does apply to NE swords, to wit (DMG, p. 166): “The sword can also be used by any character whose alignment corresponds to the non-neutral alignment portion of the weapon’s alignment, i.e. chaotic or evil or good or lawful. Thus any chaotic character can use a sword with chaotic neutral alignment.”

    So, your hypothetical LG PC that picks up the sword would take 19 damage, more than enough to kill a 2nd level character, and if combat presumedly preceded this, would probably kill any wounded 4th level PC as well!

    Nice review and episode guys!

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