Volume 4 Issue 161 – YS1 The Outer Post of the Outer Ones

Intro – 0:00.000
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A Snake’s Heart – A Lost Age Adventure www.drivethrurpg.com/product/145953/The-Snakes-Heart–A-Lost-Age-Adventure

Sage Advices – 24:51.751

Table Manners – YS1 The Outer Post of the Outer Ones 30:44.300

3 comments on “Volume 4 Issue 161 – YS1 The Outer Post of the Outer Ones”

  1. Joseph Bloch

    Many thanks for the kind words about Adventures Dark and Deep. Just FYI, those who are interested in purchasing the books can find them here:

  2. David Mann

    Hi guys, I just found your podcast and am lovin’ it. I started D&D in ’77 when I was 12-13, so I guess that makes me an elder. My claim to D&D fame is that I actually played in a Frank Metzer pick up game at a local con in 1982 and took the “Best Thief” award at the same con.

    I stopped playing when I was 18, when getting laid was a realistic (yet rare) possibility. I lost my entire collection (books, modules, miniatures, old compaigns) when I forgot to pay rent on a storage unit.

    Now I’m getting old and yearning for the fun in my younger days. I’ve been catching up on earlier podcasts and am currently on vol 1 in the thirties. I have several 1e books on order. My hope is to game as PC and DM, and maybe publish at some point (perhaps for profit).

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