Volume 6 Issue 177 – Fungal Forest

RFI back once again and this time a fungus is among us, as we review the OSR compatible, Fungal Forest adventure setting. It’s a massive network of caves, filled with goblins, pixies, dark fey, and off course lots and lots of fungus. So if you can’t have enough mushrooms in your game or enjoy seeing your PC’s imploded when inhaling mold spores, you chould check out the Fungal Forest and listen to this weeks issue of Roll For Initiative.

Links in today’s show:
Fungal Forest – www.drivethrurpg.com/product/178717/The-Fungus-Forest?term=fungus+forest

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5 comments on “Volume 6 Issue 177 – Fungal Forest”

  1. Carl Nash

    Thanks for the review! I will have to let Lee answer for himself about what (if anything) he was smoking when he wrote this bad boy… but I can tell you that Crippled Rhino helped me out a great deal in the art and layout process! 😉 Carl

  2. Wandering Monster

    My question is how far would a professional Dungeonmaster go in the pay to play model. Would he start incorporating microtransactions whenever a player found a magic item? “You kill the goblin king and find 1,000 gold pieces and a +2 longsword. That’ll be 100 dollars please.”

  3. Lee Reynoldson

    I had to google Crippled Rhino. All we have here is Skunk. I’ve not smoked anything for over a decade now, but yeah I was a teenage Psychonaut. 😀

    Great review. Thanks chaps!

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