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List: animals affected by Ring of Animal Friendship

Alrighty folks! Here’s the list I promised back in Issue 22, when talking about the Ring of Animal Friendship. Enjoy! Animals affected by Ring of Animal Friendship Monster Manual Ant, Giant Axe Beak Beetle, Giant (boring) Boar, Giant Warthog Camel, Wild Crocodile, normal Giant Eagle, Giant Herd Animal Horse (all) Hippopotamus Hyena, Common Giant Irish

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Making dragons…DRAGONS!

Do dragons need a fighting chance? Some of you may scoff at the very idea. Dragons are supposed to be the biggest and baddest monster one would come across in AD&D. But let’s take a look at what we have for dragons in the Monster Manual. -Dragons do have good hit dice, or so it

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The Swamp Giant

From the Chronicles of Lord Blackstone: CY 581,  day 23, The Hool Marshes Now I understand why men fear these swamps. Even though our guide, a half-olve ranger who goes by the name of Hunter, who was quite adapt in navigating through such places, was caught off guard. Two logs came crashing through the weeds

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