Tables for Minutia

Parallel¬†universes touch every so often and share contents, alchemists blend strange material together in fire, and items are often cursed for the torment of a magic-users enemy. If, as a DM, you want to drop any of the above into an adventure, but don’t want to waste brainstorming for yourself, I present the following tables:

D50 (d5-1[tens] d10[ones]) Random Inter-Dimensional Encounter

1 Candle Bat with the ability to summon fire
2 Blue Elephant who only consumes the best beer
3 Grey Goo; run for your life
4 A gender-flipped version of the villian
5 A gender-flipped version of each character
6 The Great “Manual of Automobiles”
7 Robotic Hamster searching for his brother
8 Eldritch Horror; game over man
9 Stick with bristles
10 Dracula
11 Pink Lizard with the ability to purify food and drink
12 Alcohol bleeding hobo
13 Parasite; either mind controlling or flesh eating
14 Blue Gelatin; chilly and sugary
15 Spring-Powered Quill
16 Curse Shoes of Toe Eating
17 Aetheric Puddy; the tin says, “make anything”
18 Trebuchet
19 Giant Blue Cockroach
20 Juggler; geese, goslings, you name it
21 Consumer of much; what seems to be a man who can eat anything
22 Android’s Armada
23 A Demigod; “That’s funny.”
24 Mindless Cult; “Hail.”
25 Intelligent Cult; “Hail, for we shall hath swords.”
26 Baby; what odd abilities will he develop
27 A New Magic with new rules
28 Shadow Demons who must avoid sunlight
29 Ancient Statue; how unrealistically proportioned
30 Anthropomorphic Chinchilla
31 Flashy Disk; thin with a hole in the center
32 Cylinder of Summoning Small Pointy Red Light
33 Fedora of Good Looking
34 Belt
35 Mail; lost in transportation
36 Small Black Chip labeled ‘v’
37 Buckets of Sand
38 Rainbow Blanket printed with a god’s face.
39 An Army of Sentient Penguins
40 Socks
41 Dying Dragonic Demon
42 Folded Paper
43 The Amazing “Game Guide”
44 Green Flower; with an addictive property
45 Infinite Number of Monkeys with Typewriters
46 Pink Duck Tape
47 Small Winged Cotton Creatures that reproduce constantly
48 Giant Stuffed Bear (50% chance animated in some way)
49 Creepy Doll
50 A ‘Tree’ version of the villain

d20 Random Alchemical Accident

1 Toxic Fumes: Your body turns to goo
2 kaboom: Lose a hand
3 KaBoom: Lose both hands an blinded for life
4 KA-BOOM!!!: Disintegrated and lose your entire workshop, setting fire to nearby buildings
5 That’s Funny: You just invented a new styling gel
6 Gold: Too bad it’s radioacti- I mean cursed
7 Statue: Better then the sculptor down the street
8 Petrification: Still… better then the sculptor down the street
9 Artifact: So full of science, no magic can be used in its presence
10 Golem: I always wanted an assistant
11 Science: Hey I think I know why this happens
12 Gunpowder: I need to remember this
13 Magic: Your stealing it; Unicorns swarm and impale you
14 Weird Smell: This is not a perfume; it is a man’s scent
15 Really shiny stuff
16 Liquid Knowledge: If you drink too much, your head will EXPLODE
17 Sentience: Killing the house cat is now immoral; same with every animal in thirty miles
18 Superpowers: !Genre Shift!
19 Relocation: “Where the hell am I?”
20 It’s Gone Nuclear: “Say good-bye to the neighborhood”

d20 Random Curse Effect

1 Itchy Lower Back
2 Enormous Foot Fungus
3 Variable Height ‘gain or lose (alternating) 1d10 inches of height each time you sleep’
4 Alcholic Weakness
5 Peely Skin
6 Limp Legs
7 Blinding
8 Puke Green Skin
9 Balding
10 Allergy to Metal
11 Fire Magnetism
12 Melting Pants
13 Disappearing Gold
14 Spinal Warping
15 Alien Hand
16 Extra Digits
17 Attraction to Sociopaths
18 Prone to Accidents
19 Mouse Magnet
20 Demon Food

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  1. skytwo

    “My party visited the Elemental Temple of Evil and all I got was these lousy melting pants.”

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